Switzerland recreational legalisation testing 5 years


The Swiss State Council has just given the green light to a test period of 5 years during which it will be legal to buy to vaporize or to smoke freely Cannabis this could have a meaning for 200,000 consumers but only 5,000 people will be allowed. The experience is supposed to happen in Bern, Geneva, Zurich or even Basel.

Light up the candles: time to celebrate!


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According to Swiss elected officials, this structural reform is essentially motivated by the desire to fight effectively against the black market. The state is sort of re-appropriating control over the hashish and weed trade.


From now on, the ‘cantons’ will supervise and regulate the distribution to voluntary residents over the age of 18. This project will run for 5 years.

“Participation in the pilot projects will be limited to cannabis users aged 18 or over. Participants should be closely supported and their health status should be constantly monitored.” – Source in French –



It is an immense privilege and a great pride today to inform you this Thursday, September 10 of the year 2020, that the Swiss Council of State has just legalized Cannabis. Since now, there’s a legal frame for it.


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After voting 31 votes to 7, the Council of States is in favor of pilot projects. Switzerland is in favor of the free distribution of Cannabis to those who wished for it. It’s a great day for freedom!




This is excellent news that the editorial staff would like to salute, even if it comes in a context of war against drugs at the largest neighbour’s door : France.


“The Council of States has given the green light to the distribution of cannabis in large Swiss cities. A third of the Swiss population indicates that they have already smoked Cannabis.” Source in French



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Cannabis freedom can no longer be taken from us in the name of our security. It is a lie, it must be returned to us: here and now. Let us resist with all our strength.



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