The Spannabis is officially Postponed for now


The organizers of Spannabis have just officially announced on their website that the general public event which was to open its doors in 48 hours is purely postponed without further notice. The Cannabist about a crisis that has been swelling for several days and whose outcome is received by many as a relief.

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Hot Cannabis news is the cancellation announcement that has just fallen on the Spannabis website. A simple image displayed when loading the platform to inform the public and professionals.




According to testimonies on the spot the ‘Mossos’, the Catalan police intervened on the spot this morning, to force the organizers to interrupt the assembly of the event.





In recent hours many voices have been raised on social networks asking for the cancellation of the festival in the epidemic context that we are going through


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Several exhibitors and many major influencers have announced the cancellation of their participation. This is the case of Barney’s Farm, Achimia, Zamnesia, press releases fall now every hour.



No press release has yet been made by the organization which, despite our attempts, we have not managed to reach by telephone. We can easily imagine that the pressure on the organizers shoulders is huge

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We are probably moving towards an ‘off’ festival because many foreign visitors are staying in Barcelona this very moment. Unfortunately, a whole section of the industry will be affected by this postponement. We also canceled all of our projects on site.

#About the Coronavirus

Official sources say that more than

  • 2,100 people infected in Spain at 1 p.m. today
  • 1000 cases in the city of Madrid alone.

A certain panic is gaining the inhabitants who are now rushing into the supermarkets with plastic bags on their heads.


This advice only engages us, but at the contamination stage: we continue to advise everyone in Barcelona: do not gather in a group in public places for the moment.


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