[Breaking] Malaysia: Lukman escapes gallows !


This is an exclusive story from Le Cannabiste.com. Muhammad Lukman Bin Mohamad who had been sentenced to 7 years in prison 10 lashes and then to death by hanging twice, has just been relased for some of the charges against him.

The man was still punished by leashing the last 24H. Le Cannabiste live from Putrajaya Court of Justice in Malaysia.


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The news was just released today by Farhan Maaruf the lawyer of Lukman’s family in a sober manner because of “the emotional shock, created by the announce of Lukman’s relase after close to 5 years in the death corridor” Said Farhan.



Today it is an immense pride that catches all of us who have protested against that decision from the Malaysian justice. From  from the press side and on the behalf of all the activists who did mobilize along messages and petitions worldwide, in the name of justice, in the name of Lukman: Thank you.


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Lukman’s arrest goes back to December 7, 2015. The couple was arrested at home early in the morning, but Lukman’s wife, who was 6 months pregnant at the time, was quickly released by the police.


In August 2018, Shah Alam’s High Court found Lukman guilty of three counts of trafficking 3010 mg of delta 9 Tetrahydrocannabinol (Cannabis extract), 1422 g of delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol and 279.81 g of cannabis.


Putrajaya’s Justice palace in 2006 – Image Wikimedia Commons all rights reserved


What followed was a scandalous trial, held in 2018 and which we had extensively commented on and shared. How could a man be sentenced to hang for distributing Hemp? The verdict had moved harts and souls far beyond the borders.


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Although part of the seizures, the dried herb, appear to have appeared out of nowhere, the authorities chose to label all the products as ‘narcotic’ without bothering to carry out analyzes of the THC level.

“Nothing could possibly indicate at first sight, whether it was hemp or recreational Cannabis itself. The justice has always assumed it.” Said Farhan Maaruf Lukman’s family Lawyer.

  • For possession and use of hemp oilSentenced to death once
  • For transformation of hemp flowersSentenced to death once
  • For possession and use of hemp flowers7 years in prison / 10 lashes


The first appeal to the judges had failed. The full charge was upheld as of August 2020. Since then, Lukman has been found in what is usually called: death row.


“There is a failure by the prosecution to prove the weight of the drugs and the conviction cannot be sustained,” said Tengku Maimun in an open court proceeding. Judges Mohd Zawawi Salleh and Harmindar Singh Dhaliwal were the other two members on the panel.” – Source


The lawyer also said Lukman should not have been charged under the law (DDA) because he only sold them for medical purposes. Lukman still has to serve part of his sentence but the 5 years in prison have already passed.

This means that Lukman must be released any day soon and get together with his family. It’s a great day for justice and for cannabis.


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The editorial staff of the magazine is particularly moved this morning. No one should be jailed for cannabis anymore, period.

Our plant, which has been healing humanity since the dawn of time, only seems to harm those who want to continue to ban it and the lobbies who feel bothered. Sometimes justice can correct these political mistakes.


Muhammad Lukman Bin Mohamad – Image @ FMT

Today Lukman, tomorrow we will see a global amnesty, pardon and forgiveness … Putrajaya // Paris // New York // Bab el Oued, same fight. Freedom for all the cannabis prisoners.



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Sources : Justice Files //// FMT

Special thanks: Farhan Maaruf for saving a man’s life

Special regards: Steve DeAngelo #LPP for inspiring us.

– Jean-pierre Ceccaldi for The Blinc Group – Le Cannabiste 2018 all rights reserved –

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