HISTORY France legalizes Medical Cannabis for 2 years


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After receiving the eagerly awaited signature of Prime Minister Jean Castex: The decree on the experimentation with Therapeutic Cannabis will be published today in France in the Official Journal. Ring the bells! 

This decree specifies a number of modalities on the prescription and administration of Cannabis by French doctors. It seems like a revolution in the land of blind prohibition.


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The French are opening the door to medical Cannabis a little bit and for a relatively short period of time. In addition to this crucial information, Le Cannabiste gathered the reaction of the spokesperson for the collective of associations ACT to discuss this decision.



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France: 66.99 million inhabitants

Medical cannabis experiment: 3000 patients

Israel: 8.8 Million inhabitants

Daily treatment with medical cannabis: 45,000 patients


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Now sorry to break lower your joy in the morning, but the numbers are there and they are genuine. The alternative title of the day it could have been:


“The TinyTiny Experimentation of French Medical Cannabis can begin. “


But between pandemic, prohibition and the madness of Trump, we are not going too  cocky with the news. To finish with the preamble, in the champion country of “Pinard” (Low French name for Vine), the simple recognition of medical Cannabis, even if for 2 years, calls for a single comment: it is ” FAN-TA-STIQUE”


The National Agency for Health and Medicines becomes the decision-making body for:

  • The nature and composition of Cannabis drugs
  • The list of prescriptions that will be admissible
  • The choice of patients who will benefit from it
  • The choice and delivery of medical Cannabis to pharmacies

“The Director General of the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products sets up and publishes on the Agency’s website the list of companies, meeting the conditions of product quality, securing the drug circuit and definition of a partnership between suppliers and operating pharmaceutical establishments provided for by order of the Minister responsible for health taken after advice from the Director General of the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products, which are selected to participate in the experiment . ” From the Official Journal – Decree n ° 0246 of 09/10/2020

However, there is no provision to allow the production of these drugs in France. Medicinal Cannabis will most likely be imported via Germany, Portugal, or perhaps even directly from Canada.

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It will be allowed to people who benefit from the treatment, to pharmacists but also to the families of patients to hold and transport the Cannabis drug in derogation of the law on narcotics. 

All the assets will be supervised directly by the Minister of Health and directed by the National Agency for Health and Medicines.


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Finally, it goes without saying in the land of human rights and freedom. Each participant will be registered electronically “with their consent”.

A “national electronic monitoring register” is set in place to overwatch the population concerned in this experiment.


Too little, too late, too short? The experiment, which now has the merit of existing, is framed by a precise and very restrictive text. We have gathered the reactions of Béchir Bouderbala, he is the spokesperson for the ACT. It’s a collective, which brings together associations of medical Cannabis patients.


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From their press release today following the announcement of the news of this decree:

While welcoming this publication, ACT regrets the slowness of the process and renews its commitment to a generalizable medical cannabis program by 2021.

– ACT is now calling on MPs to set a budget for the experiment as part of the Social Security Finance Bill.
– She calls for the establishment of a lasting status for this drug, which must be prescribed beyond experimentation.

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“Overall, it is symbolically praised and criticized from a practical point of view. This is what we tried to convey in the press release. that is not enough in a country the size of ours. It’s way too short, we’ll have to expand quickly.

By clicking below the article from the ACT Collective

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Cannabis will surely come from Europe because the French producers unfortunately are not ready. Symbolically, this decision is historic, it is an essential legal and ideological step. – Béchir Bouderbala Collectif ACT –


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#Our 2 grams

A spectacular development, half-hearted in the country of the 5 million consumers.

A symbolic gesture that is more reminiscent of the film “idiocracy” than that of the 10 commandments. Like a hen who would have found a knife, the French rooster finds himself confronted with medical Cannabis: a thing that he definitely does not understand.


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This experiment, in the form of temporary ultra-regulated test, will only have the merit of existing, and will undoubtedly leave hundreds of thousands of “potential” patients in the hands of the black market and the courts.


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