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This is an exclusive news from Le Cannabiste : Muhammad Lukman Bin Mohamad a Malaysian 29-year-old father and hemp entrepreneur, has just been sentenced on appeal to 7 years in prison, 10 lashes to finish with the death penalty by hanging.

It happened yesterday Wednesday, November 27 at the Putrajaya Court of Appeal in Malaysia.

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Lukman was arrested at home with his 6-month-old pregnant wife in December 2015, after he got denounced to the police. The man who was manufacturing and using hemp oil for healing purposes was tried Thursday for the possession of 3.01L of hemp oil and 279 gr of dried hemp flowers.



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Lukman’s arrest goes back to December 7, 2015. The couple was arrested at home early in the morning, but Lukman’s wife, who was 6 months pregnant at the time, was quickly released by the police. Today, their almost 7 years old child, has never seen his father.

Although some of the seizures, the dried herb, seemed to have appeared out of nowhere, the authorities have chosen to qualify all of the products as ‘narcotic’ without having bothered to analyze the THC level.

That is to say, nothing indicates by the way, if it was indeed hemp, or proper Cannabis.

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As a result, charges of drug trafficking were held against Lukman for dealing with hemp and hemp extracts.  As he was brought before the judges everything he had in his possession has been considered as severely as class 1 ‘drugs’.

Moreover, the Malaysian law as well as the American system allowing the cumulation of the penalties. Result :

  • For possession and use of hemp oil: Sentenced to death once
  • For transformation of hemp flowers: Sentenced to death once
  • For possession and use of hemp flowers: 7 years in prison / 10 lashes


It was a panel of three provincial judges who attended the court yesterday to decide whether Lukman’s fate should be freedom, jail or even death, at Putrajaya’s justice court.

This time the main defense attorney was  Hisyam Abdullah a tenor from the Malaysian Bar. But the popular and political support raised by that justice case in Malaysia did not play in Lukman’s favor, as it seemed.

* * *

The judges simply dismissed the appeal and upheld all the charges held against him.

Lukman remains sentenced twice to the capital punishment after being whipped and having previously spent a total of 7 years in prison.

#August 2020

Lukman is now waiting in to what’s called the ‘death row’. Since the sentence of 7 years of imprisonment that has been imposed to him runs already for 7 years in total, since the beginning of his trial.

So as of 1 August 2020 his prison time carried out, Lukman will be likely to be executed by hanging at any time. This should happen on a Friday.


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Since the date of the last court appeal, yesterday, Lukman will have 14 days delay before enduring the 10 lashes. A punishment, which will be imposed anyway before the end of his 7 years of prison, meaning before August 2020, in all the cases.

Then it will be the unbearable waiting time, until the execution by hanging gets carried on. As we said above, the execution is very likely to happen on a Friday for reasons related to the Muslim belief.

#Last resort

There is still a very small chance for Lukman to have his sentence reduced or quashed on appeal: The Federal Court of Appeal of Putrajaya Court. There will be five specially appointed judges to evaluate Lukman’s case as a last resort. But the odds are slim and the timing tight.

* * *

According to his lawyers it will take about 1 year to get a response from the Federal Court of Appeal, the problem is that in 9 months, the sentence of Lukman will be executable. Which means that during this period of 3 months, his sentence of hanging could be legally enforced.


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#Lukman’s life

Lukman has accepted his sentence, even if he keeps up the hope, he knows that the time of the last resort is coming beyond its possible date of execution.

If the Federal Court of Appeal rejects its last appeal, the only hope remaining, could come as a last chance from the Royal mercifulness.


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His Majesty King Yang di-Pertuan Agong – Pemangku Raja Pahang, Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah. NSTP / RBO

Indeed, his majesty King Yang di-Pertuan Agong, might be using the power of his royal grace to prevent executions, if he deems necessary.

Let’s keep hope that in his high forgiveness, he might be able to distinguish drugs from a bit of hemp oil and a few dried flowers … Which in reality have never killed anyone.

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We want to thank Farhan Maaruf for his precious support, for informations or any questions about Lukman, feel free to contact his lawyer

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